Friday, August 17, 2007

Dog days

We got back just in time for the real dog days of summer. We also got a real dog, a true boon for sweating it out on our twice daily walks. I think this is probably the best non-prescription anti-depressant. My mood since getting her, no matter hundred degree temps and plus 80 percent humidity, is 100 percent better than before we left for the East Coast. My walking partner is pretty cute too.

While away I finished Picovoli I took pictures of me in it, however, Mica, who has been lobbying for me to give it to her won out as the public model. This was decided after the kids both said, after looking at the pics I took of myself, "You look SO much better in person!"


Other finished items include a skein I spun up for my friend Drew. I neglected to take pictures of it, but you can find him documenting its transformation here.

If you're a weather news junkie you undoubtably heard about our tropical storm, downgraded to depression. Nonetheless one of the entrances to my neighborhood yesterday was completely underwater. There were a lot of leaves in the pool this morning.

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Blog of my Dreams

I'm still here, back from DC and enmeshed in the day to day of my life and pondering what to write about here.

BUT I just had to share a blog I just found (that perhaps everyone else already knows about) that has got me inspired and excited and feeling creative Cecil Vortex "...a churning urn of burning funk..."

There are quite a few reasons I'm loving this site so much. The guy has great musical taste, as evidenced by his The Bands I've Seen Project (many I've seen as well), the Conversations on Creativity are fantastic; the questions and answers move far beyond what most interviews on creativity manage to capture and he's just plan funny and critical in a way I enjoy.

Worth checking out and adding to my own list of Inspiring and Informing.

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