Monday, March 09, 2009

Heart it

Hello there little dust bunny.

The photo above is of 30 "compassion" hearts I made for a class over winter break. Yes, I did arts and crafts for a class. No, I'm not in art school.

I happen to dislike Valentine's Day and hearts in general, but decided to reclaim the heart for myself as the most powerful muscle in the body and as a symbol of bravery and compassion. On the back of each of these hearts is a cookie fortune sized slip of paper with a quote on compassion. A different quote for each heart. I gave one to each member of the class. They worked for them; the honesty, bravery and vulnerability they demonstrated in this class bowled me over.

The fabric bits on the front are from a plethora of vintage scarves....a big boxed lot I got on ebay years ago and that have served me well for many fabric projects. They are covered over with netting and sewn to the heart shaped remnants of a felted red wool sweater that was hand knit by my friend Sarah. Washing machine accidents and wool can have happy endings.


In other news I am about to take a trip with my eldest to the East Coast. Airfare right now is ridiculously cheap and there is a marketing/recruiting shindig going on at a university she is interested in. It has been a challenging year for her, she's doing well in school, but is bored by the whole thing and thinking about the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be motivating her. In some ways I feel a little silly doing the whole college thing when she's still got two years to go. Honestly it is just a selfish mom excuse to spend a weekend out with a lovely young woman in a great city. I'm looking forward to it. We may even get to have dinner with an old friend here one evening. I hope so.

I could use some motivation myself. I keep thinking I've turned corners and then find myself standing in front of a brick wall. In the meantime I will work on some graffitti.


Blogger sarah said...

Jeanne -- you are so creative and warm hearted. i can't believe the magic you can do with an old shrunken sweater -- and to make such a compassionate gift for your classmates! Tell M. that the "light at the end of the tunnel" is not the prize to aim for. Instead, the light is merely the reminder that she's got today to live the best and most creative she can. No light, no today. No today, no dreams of tomorrow. In teen language: the light isn't everything is cracked up to be, unless she does something today to make herself happy and full.

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