Sunday, November 04, 2007

A change is coming...

Since arriving in Texas I have been applying for jobs; many, many jobs. My criteria was that they had to be jobs I was interested in (lucky me to have the luxury to choose and to wait) and that they would challenge me. It has been a long and often depressing wait as I didn't even get interview requests for any of the full time jobs I applied for. The wait is over. I was offered a job last week helping to coordinate research in a center that investigates ethics and health policy and I accepted. The work will be intellectually stimulating, and will give me a chance to learn a lot about genetics and ethics as well as to do a wide variety of tasks, including a lot of writing, over the period of the three year grant. The fact that the information we gather will be used to make policy recommendations, and that I will be a part of making those recommendations in the third year, is especially exciting. I now have 4 weeks to get my house in order.

In the meantime I've been working helping international nurses get settled here and doing a minimal amount of sewing and knitting. Here's some proof:

I don't know if I have plans to be a better blog poster. I have been trying to do more living and less looking. I wish I was the kind of person who didn't get sucked into the whole blogosphere in an obsessive way, but I am. It gets especially bad for me when I'm down, which I have been since we returned from France, and I find that looking at the beauty (granted that little slice we're willing to put out there) and productivity of other people's lives just mires me more. Hence I try to stay away from the computer and I usually feel much better that way. Hopefully my horizons will broaden with a new job and some mental stimulation and I will be back here in the way I was meant to be.

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Anonymous Lisa B-K said...

I'm so thrilled for you. i think this is going to be a good move.


5:52 PM  
Blogger sarah said...

congrats, jeanne!! you deserve something that stimulates your brain -- though they probably don't deserve your intelligence quotia!! :) Sounds like things are falling into place. Missing you here though...

2:59 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Congratulations! I know you really wanted this job. But I guess that means no more Tuesday morning knitting with us. :(

Maybe you can stop by every now and then.

8:07 PM  
Blogger Leendaluu said...

Congratulations on the new job--it sounds like a good match for you. Genetics and, there is some fodder there! Fascinating. (oh yeah...I'm not all obsessive about the blogosphere...)

5:09 AM  
Anonymous Mrow said...

Those international nurses are gonna miss you something fierce - lord knows I coulda used a JEANNE like you on these UK shores to help me adjust to the NHS when I first arrived. BUT good luck with the new job! It's gonna be a trip fr sure.

12:59 PM  

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