Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Here comes the rain again

Yes, it is raining again in Houston, like it does everyday. It could put a crimp in our summer grilling routine, but I live with an adventurous griller.
Our grass is like a full sponge, there are tadpoles in the neighborhood puddles and I have to wipe the dog's feet before she comes back into the house after our walks. I have yet to see "gentle rain" here in Southeast Texas.

In other news I went a little crazy last week at co-op and bought 30 pounds of these organic Heirloom tomatoes:

And 16 pounds of organic Strawberries, here are some of them ready to be dehydrated:

8 hours later I had canned tomatoes and strawberry jam along with 4 lbs. of dehydrated strawberries. You'll just have to believe me, at the end I was too tired to take pictures of preserves.

Last year just didn't feel right since we didn't have a garden in and I didn't can my own tomatoes. These tomatoes really tasted homegrown, but of course, were not. The only thing that ate tomatoes out of my yard this year were squirrels (and peppers too!). Considering growing tomatoes in this climate is a crap shoot (it gets too hot too fast for them) and they don't taste nearly as good as my northern tomatoes I think I'm giving up the ghost on tomatoes. This winter I will depend on snap peas, chard and greens, all things that do well here. In other produce news my Meyer Lemon tree is full of, yet to mature, lemons.

Tomorrow I am going transatlantic for two weeks, alone with Juan. The kids and my mother in law will hold down the fort while I work on my chocolate and cheese diet, a big thick book and a few slender things I plan to read while sitting outside in no humidity temps of around 70 degrees. Heaven.


Anonymous dorie said...

oh, have fun on your trip!

I cannot imagine that much food in one pile. You sure turned it into long-term goodness, though.

also. Juan is cracking me up.

9:14 PM  
Blogger leendaluu said...

Just WAIT! till I show that picture of Juan to Jeff. Have a great trip---lucky you!

5:17 AM  
Anonymous s t a c i said...

That photo of Juan is classic. What a trooper.

Before I focused in on the strawberries, I thought it was some kind of tile mosaic!

5:55 AM  
Anonymous Lisa B-K said...

Grilling with goggles. Jim will certainly appreciate this photo of the Juan.

While you soak up the cultcha, I'll be slogging it out in a terrifying fundraising climate. Please think of me!


7:22 AM  
Blogger leendaluu said...

Oh, I finally have a caption for this picture....SpongeJuan Squarepants.

5:00 AM  
Blogger Tracy said...

oh my those tomatoes! i would have done the same thing! enjoy your trip!

3:07 PM  

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