Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Texas kind of day....

My first outing today was to pick up my meat order from Paidom. I saw Staci there waiting for her box.

What would you decide to do if you were in Texas on a day where the heat index is over 100? Go to a State Park, of course. This guy was not shy...

Immature Black Crowned Night Heron

These were sharing the same bush. Dewberries are another Texas treat I didn't know I was missing. They are a bit smaller than blackberries and I think sweeter.

I finished Veronik Avery's Prairie Tunic last night it just needs to be blocked. I'm also in the middle of helping Sofia make a doll for a swap. I'm amazed at how adept she is with scissors and she draws very well. We'll see how the construction comes together. I'm not worried about her sewing, she is very good on the construction skills are the concern!

I also finally finished spinning up almost 500yds of incredibly soft merino superwash for the ubiquitous Clapotis. I just need to dye it first. Last night I cast on for the Bella Blouse. Kudos to all my knitting compatriots who enjoy lace, but I HATE it. What was I thinking when I decided to buy yarn to make this top? It is possible that I may turn the border into something cabled. I have done hats before with a cabled border that is then picked up. Maybe I just need to get through something I don't really want to...isn't that supposed to be character building?

Gotta fly!

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Anonymous s t a c i said...

Waiting for my box of meat was only the SECOND time I sweat my ass off yesterday (there were more). Why do I bother with fixing my hair and wearing makeup in this city??

Great nature photos. You're a brave woman to want to be outside on a day like yesterday!

6:55 AM  
Blogger Dorie said...

You are busy! I am thinking about the Bella Blouse too, but also thinking that I am so behind other things, I will never get to it. Will you have pics of your finished tunic?

4:14 PM  
Blogger leendaluu said...

Kudos to you and your knitting. I am just so inept craftwise (I won't even post the pictures of the mittens I knit the twins last winter). That said, they were impressed with the outcome, I wasn't. Well, there is always next year ;-)

6:19 PM  

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