Saturday, April 21, 2007

Thank you Gerry

Estate sales are always a mix of sadness and elation. Digging through a lifetime of someone's possesions not only feels voyeuristic, but also reminds me of how brief our time here is and how I too one day will be reduced to the rubble of my possesions here in the tangible world.

I came home $3.00 lighter with a box full of wrapping paper and vintage cards received on a marriage and new home and a cute green box with blank flowered notecards, very 1960s. Micaela wanted to know more about the woman whose stuff we were picking through and asked the person who ran the estate sale. She worked her whole life as a nurse, her mother had been a chemist and she loved to collect art. In among the papers I found her wedding announcement in the Binghamton, N.Y. Sunday Press Former City Girl Wed to Texan in New York City Ceremony. There were also pictures of her and her husband and a pay stub from 1969. She looks so beautiful and full of life in the picture, a reminder to me that life is what I've got right here in front of me. I need to give it my full attention.


Blogger leendaluu said...

Amazing (and fascinating) that we both wrote eulogies to women we've never knowm.... On my part, it is selfish. I hope that someone will look at my life and say..Wow, cool chick. Now, if I only had those red Campers, I'd be assured of that....

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