Monday, January 29, 2007

Sew what...

I have taken to my sewing machine again. I only learned to sew on the machine 7 years ago. Juan taught me after having taught himself several years before when M's room needed curtains. I have my grandmother's Husqvarna bought in the same year as I was born, 1968. She made everything on it including bras and girdles and quite a few outfits I wore as a child. The thing I love about sewing, especially as compared to knitting, is that it is almost instant satisfaction. I started and finished this bag in one evening thanks to this tutorial at Tiny Happy

I was doing a literal happy dance as I am "construction challenged" and this tutorial managed to make me understand how bags go together. That said I still messed up and did lots of stitch ripping. I feel confident though that my next bag will go more quickly and with less cussing.

On Saturday afternoon I saw a gorgeous log cabin pillow on Dioramarama's blog and thought I can do that (albeit not quite as well)! The last time I quilted was 13 years ago when I hand quilted and appliqued building blocks for Micaela.

And I did! I finished most of it in a few hours. It was the perfect vehicle for the thrifted fabric I've amassed (although it made me want more as I'm not entirely happy with the pallette of colors I've got). Again I'm not so happy with the construction. I know quilting is, for the most part, a perfectionist's sport, but ever since I saw the Gee's Bend exhibit I've given up thinking quilt corners have to be razor sharp.

Meanwhile I am weeks, no months, deep into a knitted vest. I think I need to sew more.

M and I are trying to walk for an hour 3 times a week. We follow the Bayou which isn't far from my house. This Great Blue Heron is there pretty much every morning. These are both the same bird I scared it off when I took the first picture and I love how it looks like it is about to test the waters from the stairs. Wish I had a better telephoto.

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Anonymous Sarah D said...

Jeanne dear,

I know exactly what you mean about sewing! Instaneous satisfaction! I made myself a fleece scarf the other while watching old episodes of The Office on my laptop perched on a nearby basket. I finished the scarf before the episode was up, and I wrapped around my little neck and cuddled up to finish the hilarity. Great job! I love that bag tutorial too!

much love,
sarah d

7:28 AM  
Anonymous Paris Parfait said...

The blue heron is gorgeous! And congrats on your sewing skills!

9:50 AM  

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