Sunday, January 21, 2007

An eye on growth

If I was being literal I guess I could flip this pic so the "eye" was vertical, but I like it the way it is; there, yet somehow hidden in its unusual position. This tree, cut down in my backyard, is kind of like my life. I feel very cut off from my usual mojo and definitely rootless.

This past week I've done some cutting of deadweight in my life, and while it was awkward and somewhat painful it is a good thing. It feels strange to cut activities out of my life when, in many ways, I want to branch out...but I think I may have finally learned, after multiple moves, that it is not quantity but quality that I am looking for.

I am also on fire with an idea that has been lurking at the edges of my consciousness for a long time, but which has finally taken root as a more fully formed plan for action. I think it has great potential to build community, stimulate me intellectually and do some good. And later this week I have an interview for a very part time position, but it is a possibility to work with people who share my passion for food and community.


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